Business News to Start Listing of Tezos (XTZ) at the Syndicate Platform has decided to start listing Tezos (XTZ) at The Syndicate Platform, according to reports. With the listing, all the token (CRO) token stakers will be permitted to take part in a discounted sale for XTZ worth $500,000 at the 50 percent reduced price.

Reports state that the listing event is slated to begin from Tuesday, 17 March, this year at the Exchange.  

When it comes to Syndicate Allocation, every participating staker’s highest amount of CRO that will be utilized towards the listing event will be depending on the amount of CRO wagered on the Exchange.

For instance, if CRO staked is 10,000, then the maximum allocation in CRO will be equal to $100,000 worth of CRO, which is equivalent to 19,000 CRO.

As far as the Syndication Allocation subscription is concerned, the users of Exchange will be allowed to subscribe for XTZ tokens by paying an amount of CRO tokens not going beyond their maximum allocation.

It is worth noting that the staked CRO tokens would not be used to subscribe for XTZ tokens in the listing event.

The timeline of the listing event will start from Tuesday at 6 am from March 17, 2020, and last till Friday at 6 am March 20, 2020.

Syndicate Allocation Distribution: The participating stakers at the listing event will get their finalized XTZ token allocation at the Distribution Time.

It is interesting to note that XTZ tokens will be listed on the Exchange and App with the trading pairs mentioned below:


Meanwhile, will have the right to terminate or alter The Syndicate campaign guidelines at its own behest. And, citizens and residents hailing from China, Hong Kong, USA will be barred from participating in the Syndicate campaign. 

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