Kubota Partners With Accenture to Boost Digital Transformation

Kubota Corporation recently announced a strategic partnership with Accenture to boost its digital transformation. The partnership will evolve Kubota’s business model contributing to its

water, environmental, and food sustainability.

Kubota started its long-term vision named GMB2030 (Global Major Brand 2030.) The program defines Kubota’s role along with the guidelines the corporation should follow to solve environmental and societal challenges. 

Accenture and Kubota will implement and design solutions to improve the safety and productivity of food. Moreover, the collaboration will also promote the circulation of waste and water resources while improving the living and urban environments. The Global Major Brand 2030 prioritizes the goals to help the organization maintain its stature.

The collaboration will build a platform to steer value for Kubota in both global and local markets. The partnership will integrate solutions that merge Kubota’s sustainable businesses and Accenture’s cutting-edge virtual technologies to achieve that. The technologies include the internet of things and artificial intelligence.

Here is an overview of the initiatives the collaboration will work on:

Co-creating innovative sustainability services using digital transformation: Ever since its inception in 190, Kubota Corporation has been solving social issues. By merging Accenture’s virtual transformation experience and expertise with Kubota’s industry and business domains. The organizations will continue to develop new innovations and solutions related to water, environmental, and food sustainability.

Integration of group-wide virtual transformation with human resource and framework development: Kubota offers its services in 120 countries and plans to integrate digital transformation standards. The collaboration includes the development of a platform that assists quick integration of the standards, allowing centralized assessment of diverse data.
Development of a flexible and safe system supporting Kubota’s global business: Accenture will overview Kubota’s 200 IT systems to replace, migrate, and modernize selective applications to Microsoft Azure cloud.

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