Bharti Airtel Partners With Amazon Web Services

The Indian telecommunications services company Bharti Airtel Ltd. on August 5, 2020, has announced a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with the cloud services provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) to expand its cloud services business in India.

The tie-up will allow AWS to offer a wider range of cloud computing products under the Airtel Cloud brand, including data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, security services, and more to Airtel Cloud’s more than 2,500 large and small and medium enterprise (SME) clients.

Airtel Cloud is a renowned provider of data center services, managed services, and multi-cloud services to top companies and governments under different strategic partnerships.

Through this agreement, Bharti Airtel aims at competing ahead of Reliance Jio’s deal with technology company Microsoft and dominating the cloud computing market in India.

According to Puneet Chandok, President of Amazon Internet Services for India and South Asia, the agreement will enable both firms to leverage each other’s expertise to provide differentiated cloud products to their customers in India. The partnership will also expand AWS’s relationship with Airtel that will help Indian companies to use cloud services at an increased speed, he added.

Harmeen Mehta, Global Chief Information Officer and head of Cloud and Security Business at Bharti Airtel, said that Airtel Cloud customers would get benefited from a range of support and services from both companies, including integrated sales, consulting, improved security, scalability, and cloud management services. With this agreement, Bharti Airtel plans to take its business beyond its telecommunications venture, she noted.

The partnership will work in a way wherein Airtel Cloud will develop digital applications and an AWS CloudPractice with support from AWS Professional Services and Bharti Airtel’s data center and cloud services capabilities.

The cloud services business is gaining momentum in India. It will grow at a greater scale as revealed in a report from the technology researcher International Data Corp., which predicted that the public cloud services market in India would increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.3 percent to $7.1 billion in 2024.

Airtel Cloud visions to help its customers adopt and migrate to cloud computing with support from AWS services such as data analytics, data warehousing, Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning. to Start Listing of Tezos (XTZ) at the Syndicate Platform has decided to start listing Tezos (XTZ) at The Syndicate Platform, according to reports. With the listing, all the token (CRO) token stakers will be permitted to take part in a discounted sale for XTZ worth $500,000 at the 50 percent reduced price.

Reports state that the listing event is slated to begin from Tuesday, 17 March, this year at the Exchange.  

When it comes to Syndicate Allocation, every participating staker’s highest amount of CRO that will be utilized towards the listing event will be depending on the amount of CRO wagered on the Exchange.

For instance, if CRO staked is 10,000, then the maximum allocation in CRO will be equal to $100,000 worth of CRO, which is equivalent to 19,000 CRO.

As far as the Syndication Allocation subscription is concerned, the users of Exchange will be allowed to subscribe for XTZ tokens by paying an amount of CRO tokens not going beyond their maximum allocation.

It is worth noting that the staked CRO tokens would not be used to subscribe for XTZ tokens in the listing event.

The timeline of the listing event will start from Tuesday at 6 am from March 17, 2020, and last till Friday at 6 am March 20, 2020.

Syndicate Allocation Distribution: The participating stakers at the listing event will get their finalized XTZ token allocation at the Distribution Time.

It is interesting to note that XTZ tokens will be listed on the Exchange and App with the trading pairs mentioned below:


Meanwhile, will have the right to terminate or alter The Syndicate campaign guidelines at its own behest.And, citizens and residents hailing from China, Hong Kong, USA will be barred from participating in the Syndicate campaign. 

Dash Next Teams With Crypttp to Mainstream Network

Serving the Dash community with its unprecedented services, Dash NEXT has announced the news about its strategic partnership with leading crypto-based B2B payment service providing firm, Crypttp. The crucial news was circulated in the crypto world through an official Twitter post by Dash Thailand on their official handle.

In accordance with the official post, the two globally acclaimed firms, Dash NEXT and Crypttp, have joined hands to enhance the network capabilities of their individual ecosystems. The dedicated professionals and the technological expertise of both the leading platforms will help in enhancing the user experience of the global customer base of the two firms. Crypttp will render the Dash community with a seamless interface, which will eventually boost its adoption rate in the global markets.

Established as an efficient platform focused towards the catering of requirements of payment processors, merchants, exchanges, and websites, etc. with an aim to streamline crypto payments. The platform facilitates the integration of crypto wallets to business entities so that they can enjoy quick and simplified payments. The ready-to-use protocol solution assures the users with a secure, transparent, and speedy integration with crypto wallets.

Dash is a fast-expanding digital cash network which has been designed to bring a wider global population under the umbrella of regulated financial services. It bestows the customers with a secure, transparent, safe, and streamlined payment mechanism. The wide range of services offered by the platform allows users from across the globe to enjoy hassle-free access to the payment settlement network.

Recently, Dash introduced the latest version 0.15 of its core desktop wallet solution, which was infused with an array of enhanced and improved tools and features. The newly launched product fostered syncing of new nodes, PrivateSend updates that upgraded the mixing process, and many more. Also, Dash announced the news about its collaboration with BitFxt Exchange to support remittances to Nigeria at a minimal 1% cost.